STRAP4U is a removable and adjustable silicone orthosis made in France that can be applied and removed easily. With its hypoallergenic and eco-responsible material, it is adjustable and available in several sizes, it appropiate for many people. Its innovative design with many holes and dividing wall allows the immobilized fingers to breathe, avoiding maceration.

STRAP4U ICE COMFORT is a patented medical device that applies directly to the skin and diffuses cold for 3 hours or heat for 1 hour continuously. Recommended by physiotherapists, ICE COMFORT guarantees a daily use and is also effective for other body injuries such as tendonitis, tears, inflammations, various traumas, osteoarthritis...

STRAP4U SPORT is an innovative cryotherapy / thermotherapy device:
- The use of silicone for cryotherapy, a patented concept.
- A high performance of active diffusion of cold and heat thanks to its its thermal transfer concept.
- The intensity of the heat transfer is adapted to the different parts of the body.
- The chosen zones: muscular paths and strategic body areas while avoiding the belly and bronchial tubes.
- STRAP4U SPORT is equipped with recesses allowing individualization of the treatment and recovery with an optimal regulation of the body temperature.



The Innovative Strap for Fingers

Strap4u is a removable silicone orthosis, sterilizable and disinfectable that can be applied and removed easily. Adjustable and hypoallergenic, it appropiate for many people.
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strap4u ice comfort

Distributed in pharmacies and physiotherapists

3 H of cold or 1 H of hot without decrease of intensity. Disinfectable and sterilizable. Guaranteed for daily use. Recommended by health professionals.
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strap4u sport

Cryotherapy / Thermotherapy innovation

- New range of recovery textiles.
- The use of silicone for cryotherapy.
- High performance of active diffusion of cold and hot thanks to heat transfer technology.
- Final skin temperature below 10°C
Range of textiles: Brassiere, Sleeve, Shorts, Lumbar Belt.
- Sterilizable and disinfectable
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strap4u D.M.P.

First medical device adapted to hand care !

First cryotherapy/thermotherapy product
suitable for fingers, hands, wrists; can be used in post-operative and post-traumatic situations (fracture, sprain, dislocation, hematoma).
Skin temperature below 10°C after
20 minutes of application.
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strap4u DENT

Medical device with thermal transfer adapted to the face ! 

Cryotherapy / thermotherapy device,
relieves and treats dental pain.
Optimization of the thermal shock thanks to its specifically developed thermal plate, allowing an optimal comfort and care adapted to the sensitivity of the face.
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strap4u traumaband

Medical device for muscular, articular and tendinous traumas. !

Cryotherapy / thermotherapy device, relieves and treats muscle, joint and tendon pain.
Band combining compression and cryotherapy / thermotherapy.
Ideal for joints, muscles and tendons of the lower limbs.
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